Two Are Better Than One


I think I read somewhere that two are better than one. I think that proverb was captured in some of my most recent photography with Nate and Alexa. This dynamic duo dominate the kitchen scene in a Kalamazoo restaurant favorite. Alexa serves as the Event Coordinator for the Webster's Prime restaurant and Nate is at the helm of the kitchen. Alone this Chef and Event Coordinator are excellent; put them together and they're phenomenal!

What I really enjoy about these two is their story. Nate was interested in Film school, and Alexa wasn't really sure what she was going to do. A series of unpredictable opportunities, supportive mentors, and each other led to a successful cooking dynasty with the Greenleaf Hospitality Group (GHG) as well as Nate and Alexa's eventual wedding in 2014.

I couldn't get over how thankful they are for the support they've received from the GHG. They're humble, fun, and creative — I think that comes through in these portraits. 

The best part about these two though is that they represent the renaissance that's developing in Michigan, but more specifically our own Kalamazoo. Sometimes I wonder what a state like Michigan or even our own community has to offer (other than snow), but I think the state and Kalamazoo's future will thrive in the hands of influential millennials like chef Nate and Alexa. Of course, I know they'd want to point to GHG as the true source of renaissance. 


If you want to learn more about Nate and Alexa checkout their full story on the Kzooconnect website: "Premier Partner Spotlight: Greenleaf Hospitality". Kzooconnect is a great source for all things Kalamazoo. 

These shots of the two were taken at Webster's Prime. This was an exciting session because the kitchen gave me an interesting new venue in which to shoot, and brought it's own unique challenges. If you're interested in seeing some of the places I've had the pleasure of shooting at check out my older blog posts.

Also, I'm deeply interested in meeting more local renaissance men and women because I want to highlight your genius in your own portraits. Contact me to get started.