Nothing Short of Thankful


A few weeks back on April 17th, Kalamazoo's Wing's Event Center welcomed The Avett Brothers to the stage. Their music has it's roots in traditional Folk and Bluegrass, but also encapsulates the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of Rock n' Roll. Check out the video below to hear their sound:

I had never been to a concert at Wings Event Center before this one, but after The Avett Brothers' performance I'm convinced that the building is a better concert venue than it is a hockey stadium! If you're interested in some great music check out The Avett Brothers' latest album, The Magpie and the Dandelion on iTunes.

All in all the night was a blast, meeting the band before the show, getting to work with some of the Rhino Media crew, all access photography and just enjoying a killer concert. I'm Nothing Short of Thankful to Rob, Oz, the Wings' and concert staff for having me.