Environmental Portraiture

by Chris Fisher


Recently I was approached about a portrait assignment that needed to be somewhere between "really stuffy formal" and "too casual".

Michael Cross who is Director of Technology Services for Greenleaf Hospitality Group (GHG) was approached for a feature on IT and Community over on Newmind Group's blog. This 12 for 12 series of interviews focuses on 12 IT leaders in the Kalamazoo area and asks them each 12 questions. 

Michael has both his "formal" and "casual" portraits taken care of, and needed a portrait that was more befitting of the casual nature of Newmind's interview, without being "casual" and still representing both himself and his job professionally. 

I decided to take a photojournalistic approach for this project, as I thought that an environmental portrait of Michael in his element would give context and enhance Michael's interview. 

I started the shoot with that goal in mind, wanting to get those "winner" shots out of the way first so we had a few minutes to play around afterwards. After taking a few shots in his office, we followed up with a series in a different environment – one that Michael suggested at our initial meeting. 


After it was all said and done, the interview with Michael turned out well, and he was thrilled with the shots we got, deciding using a few for various social media profiles afterward!

If you're looking for portraits that are standard or perhaps somewhere "in-between" – I'd love to chat with you. Contact me to get started.