Quick Tips For Photographing Kids

I wanted an excuse to share a few adorable images of my niece, but also give this post a little substance. So I decided to pass along a few tips to help you when you're photographing kids.

1. Have patience, and anticipate the moment.
Kids, like most people, need time to warm up to the camera. Patience goes a long way here, but be ready because kids are spontaneous movers and don't sit still for long. 

2. Let them have fun
In the case of my niece, she's very interested in bubbles, her new bed, and her princess outfit from Frozen. Without much prompting you can get my niece) to see how big of a bubble she can blow, or show off her Princess Elsa cape. The same goes for most kids, they're happy to involve you in what's important to them. These moments are perfect for grabbing authentic images.

3. Choose a familiar environment
The kid(s) will be more relaxed in a place they're familiar with and your images will show it! Their backyard, a close relative's, a nearby park or school are all good choices to keep the kids comfortable and interested. 

4. Consider your camera settings
Depending on the subject, you may want to use Continuous Focus (AI-Servo on Canon), and Burst (or Continuous Shooting) Mode on your camera. These settings will allow your camera to not only focus more quickly on a moving subject, but allow you to fire off multiple frames while holding down the shutter button. If you're using a smart phone, tap the screen to choose your focus point, and hold your finger on the shutter button.