The Sensible Way To Survive Family Runions

Summer always seems like the time for reunions in my family. Which for me means a delicate balance of socialization and documenting the event while being behind the camera. It's always a tough situation—if I bring the camera, I love to shoot the whole time. This way I can make sure I get a few decent shots of everyone having fun and socializing. However when shooting documentary style at these events I wind up being "the guy hiding behind the camera" for a good majority of the event. If I decide not to bring the camera I usually get asked why I don't have it, and wind up feeling guilty as I'm the defacto photographer at family events.

The last weekend of June my mother's family decided to round up her brothers and their families for a get together at the family property outside of Tustin, MI. These get togethers are fun, as we get to see people whom we haven't seen outside of the occasional Facebook post.

Unfortunately, the nature of these events means that they can get a little boring after a few hours. Luckily, we had a pretty entertaining game to pass the time: Kan Jam.

Kan Jam is a fairly simple game similar to horse shoes. It involving two teams of two people tossing a Frisbee at the "Kan" while their partner attempts to direct the Frisbee at or into the Kan. Different point values are given based on whether the Frisbee hits the Kan, goes in, or sinks through the slot on the front. You play until one team hits 21 points exactly. For for the full set of rules you can check out the Kan Jam website here.

With the food eaten, the younger kids playing in the woods, and the older folks socializing, our afternoon became survivable with the assistance of a few plastic Kans, and a Frisbee. Not to mention I had the opportunity to disappear behind the camera for a bit. I was able to snap a few decent action shots of the family having a good time during the afternoon. Those shots of people having fun and enjoying their time spent with family are the ones I set out to capture, as they are the ones that will spark the memories of a great family reunion on a warm summer afternoon.

If you have a family event coming up and need the coverage of an experienced and professional photographer, drop me a line, shoot me an email or hit me up on Twitter @capturedbycf.