Summer In Michigan

The days start earlier and end later, the weather warms and we all emerge from months of hibernation. Unequaled in fresh breezes, beautiful sunsets, and enchanting shoreline, summer in Michigan is truly a season unlike any found elsewhere.

If your family is similar to mine, summer is a time of outings, Saturday night bonfires and family reunions. I've found these summer outdoor activities to be some of the best for making remarkable images and capturing memories of those closest to you. If you're looking to learn how to improve the shots of your kids, or perhaps just friends and family, I have a few tips to help you along the way.

Change Your Perspective
Whether you're taking pictures of the kids, friends, or the dog, changing your perspective and getting down (or up) on their level makes for a much more interesting composition and a more natural shot.

Reflectors and Flash
Typically you'd think that with all of the bright natural light you wouldn't need a flash in your photos, but more often than not this is an excellent opportunity to use it! Bright sunlight will leave harsh and unflattering shadows on faces. By using a flash or a reflector you can reduce or remove these shadows for a more natural look.

Make the Most of What You Have
It's said that the best camera for photography is the one you have on you, ready to go. Digital Consumer Report estimates that 65 percent of all Americans own a smartphone. This gives us unparalleled access to photograph anything and everything around us. You can bring your devices' photography to the next level by downloading a photography app. A few of the best are Camera+VSCO Cam and Snapseed

Keep these tips in mind and get out there and start shooting! 

Changing perspective can make for a more interesting composition.

Using a flash to fill in unflattering shadows.

Summer fun on the beach!