Class of 2015

Graduating from High School is a great accomplishment and a significant milestone on your journey through life. One of the best ways to commemorate this unique time in life is to have your senior portraits taken by a professional photographer. For many who have never been photographed in such a setting this can be a daunting task. However having your photograph made by a someone with experience can be a huge confidence boost! Hiring a professional will insure that you look your best when the time comes to hand out your images to your friends, family and of course to the yearbook staff.

I had the opportunity to photograph two very different, but equally amazing young women this fall for their senior portraits. Each of these ladies wanted something different out of their photographs, but both wanted something similar: high quality, professionally taken, and edited images to share.

Take a look at a few photographs from the portrait sessions with Bri and Becky, and if you're thinking about portraits for your senior year—contact me.