Late Summer Family Portraits

Photographs are a gateway to memory. They help trigger emotions, allowing us to remember our most important moments, closest friends, family and special occasions. The realization of how important those memories really are strikes home at the possibility of losing someone we hold dear. This was the scenario of one of my family portrait sessions late this summer.

My client's mother was very ill, diagnosed with a severe illness with the possibility of it becoming a terminal. She asked me to come out one summer evening and photograph her mother with her family so that they could have beautiful photographs to cherish in the case of the illness becoming worse.

Upon arriving at our location in Portage and meeting whole family, I was shocked at just how strong this woman, and her family were. In light of the reason for the shoot, everyone was warm, friendly and genuinely happy to be there. Throughout the shoot we had a fantastic time, laughing, swapping stories and sharing in the experience of making memories. 

Being a photographer is more than snapping a quick photo here and there. Being welcomed by a family, and invited to document their joy, smiles and memories is truly a blessing of this profession that I cherish.

Enjoy a few of the images from this unique family shoot, and as always if you like what you see please feel free to share via the social network of your choice. 

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